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Rupar is a lying propagandist, in the manner of Hillary’s role model Saul Alinsky — lie, use deception and slight of hand, and take the voters like a carny sucker. But Rupar is little late, Hillary daughter already put on the airways Hillary’s plan, Chelsea is shown in an intense deliberate tone speaking to her close friends, ‘My mom will appoint judges who will over turn Heller and rewrite gun rights’ which next shows Hillary amongst her minions, telling the assembled ‘Australian gun laws deserve a good hard look’ — together, the expressed intent is unmistakable — pack the courts with lap dog justices to deny and overturn fundamental liberties and then beat down doors nationwide like Australia did and disarm the nation, just like Australia. US Supreme Ct Justice Breyer (search Breyer shout fire in a theater) announced on GMA plans to hear 1st Am cases to restrict speech until prior restraint is imposed premised on approval of third world nations. The Constitution is under full frontal assault by Saul Alinsky’s children.

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