(This is a two part article. The first part is a deceptively simple short introduction to the Lightning Network to lure you in. The second part is a more technical overview of an experiment that René Pickhardt and I conducted on top of it. You can find badly cobbled together sourcecode here.)

Part 1: Introduction

Now that I have had some delicious chili con carne I will try writing about Lightning again. Lightning as in the Bitcoin based layer 2 solution that allows more payments at higher frequencies and lower prices, than settling everything on the blockchain. …

The educated Bitcoin community (at least in Germany) is still small.

If we will ever elect one “digital gold”, Bitcoin seems to me the most likely winner. By market capitalization it already has the most votes. If it keeps on defending this position, it will become the base layer of a strong ecosystem that will reward those that invested into it early.

As a developer following this logic it makes sense to me to invest time into making myself familiar with the technology. Because I learn best from real-life human interaction I started searching for other Bitcoiners capable and willing to educate in my vicinity.

“Bitcoin taught where?” in style of popular bitcoin acceptance badges

One would think that my hometown…

(Obligatory disclaimer that you should not put all your eggs into one basket, especially if it is an experimental basket, and that I will not buy you a new one if your one breaks, nor will I otherwise be held accountable. Also, I own fractions of a bitcoin.)

So I was just unloading the dishwasher after having watched a couple of episodes of Halt and Catch Fire, again thinking how awesome that show is and how it is carrying a kind of constructive atmosphere (BUIDL!) …

(This is an article about the development of sudokoin.com.
There is another one in the making about the road map.)

Getting into new technologies costs a lot of time and energy, so I want to make sure that it is as much fun as possible. I usually do that by building prototypes. sudokoin is one such prototype or rather two, since I first wrote an Ethereum smart contract and then moved on to the Stellar network.

I got into the cryptocurrency space first by investing into Ethereum after a colleague told me to. I invested blindly but luckily, and watched…

What comes to mind when you let it.

There is indirect electric lighting and a candle burning. Atmospheric music is emanating from featureless black cubes on a glass desk and a large flat-screen is displaying a library of sounds. Right now it could show me almost any movie in exquisite detail.

I don’t let it.

I am sweating away on my elliptical, trying to remember stuff about mindfulness I read somewhere the other day, trying not to think too hard at all. As an adolescent I always compiled lists of thoughts over long periods of time. When those lists became longer, so grew my fear to forget them…


Programmer tending towards writing

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