How Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill and Hans Zimmer Saved My Life.
Amanda Kagami Pereira

Hi, Amanda I’m glad you shared this. Depression is a devastating affliction, I know because I’ve fought against it most of my adult life. But a point I’d like to make is your mention of Hans Zimmer’s score in the film. Lots of people see films and barely ever notice or mention the score, music, that’s always playing in the background of almost all visual media. Rarer still is mentioning the composer’s name. I do pay attention to the music and recognize good and poor scores and how they affect the overall experience of the film. A good score can elevate a mediocre film up a notch and make it bearable to sit through. I have a few faves myself: Bernard Herrmann, deceased; Eliot Goldenthal; Jerry Goldsmith, deceased; and John Williams. There are many others too but these are the standouts.

Music can elevate my mood like nothing else and I find if music doesn’t work it’s time to seek help lest I slip down that deep dark hole with no bottom. So keep finding ways to enjoy your life and yes, it takes active work to keep afloat in these ever dark times we live in on Earth. But the work is ultimately worth the effort. aka The Ol’ Hippy

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