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I admit I have a Facebook page. I’ll also admit that I never really figured out how to use it and hence, don’t. I’m late to the PC game, May ’14. So I have to learn the ins and outs of PC use on my own. The only thing that really mattered was finding Spotify where I could sample music before purchasing it for my PC player, the benefit I didn’t know existed before my PC. One of the best things too. The only thing I post on Facebook are my anti-smoking writings used the answer Quora questions. (I’m a 10 year lung cancer survivor from smoking.

The parable is a nice rendition of how corporate culture hijacks perhaps a good idea and looks for ways to turn the all powerful profit. Now it’s just another advertising platform for corporate enterprises. It won’t allow dissent especially from the left. It catalogues everything that one puts there including ways to inject advertising into yet another platform. They are not you friend(Facebook). I’ve corresponded with two ‘friends’ ever; an English violinist from King Crimson and some former co-workers in Texas.

Anything subversive-in Facebook’s realm-is censored. So much for free speech, eh? I do use my account to post to Wordpress writers, but I could do it without Facebook now that I’ve learned how; I’m just lazy. Evil? That’s a strong term in my book but corporate media(my go-to term) subverts everything into advertising which means some other’s agenda.

So I will let it st idly by and ignore the little messages that pop up from time to time and let it stagnate into what I think it is. John Allen The Ol’ Hippy

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