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All MSM Pundits Are Whores For Power Like Hannity; He’s Just Honest About It
Caitlin Johnstone

Journalists? Trained corporate seals maybe, but real journalism is a figment of imaginary imagination. Sometimes I wonder, when I watch the Sunday morning propaganda displays; who the fuck buys McDonnell Douglas war planes? I’m pretty sure the Sunday football fans aren’t flocking to buy F/A-18 Super Hornet jet fighters. I’m just guessing that even the team owners, who could afford to buy one, wouldn’t be allowed to do so. So why the ads? I’m sure Chuck Todd of NBC is well compensated for his ‘compliance’ to company policy. It’s that or be poor real journalists trying to scratch by on independent, crowd funded, internet sites. This is what scares the ruling class. The poor rogue journalist that is black-listed forever to expose any of the plutocrats secrets.

So the internet has opened a sore in the narrative that they’re trying to excise. Mention the attacks of September 11,’01 were a false flag and end up washing dishes at Denney’s. Publish troves of state secrets and end up a political prisoner living in exile languishing in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Or freezing in Russia which I’m guessing is better than the former. I feel like a fool for believing Huntley&Brinkley while growing up. I’m just speculating that if either of them said something akin to disdain for the horrors I viewed along with dinner and dessert every evening during the ‘Nam, they’d be terminated immediately. The “news” on TV is advertising and propaganda for the Empire. Buy the newest car or gadget and impress your neighbor with the biggest empty TV or piano crate, at the curb, so long as you consume and stay in debt; you are “happy”. Yeah, right to oblivion. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy