“ . . . our current global emissions trajectory is so bad it could end up heading to an…
James Charles

OK. I’ve read some of Guy’s writings and certainly agree we as a species, along with most other higher life, are in dire trouble and maybe beyond saving. And personally because I have no children I shouldn’t care; but I do care, a lot. This is a spectacular planet we inhabit and collectively we have destroyed our only home and there isn’t a big sky hook that’s going to come from above and save humanity. My main contention is Guy’s timeline. I think after 2050 things will get real bad real fast and if 4C is exceeded, well game over, no survival. we’re at 1.2C now and if ALL GHG’s stopped tomorrow, I believe 2C is a minimum to expect and we know that’s not going to happen as long as economics is more important than survival. Guy’s right in a terminal prediction I just think he’s about 30–50 years off, tops. We’re in serious trouble and the fiddlers of the world powers are still fiddling.

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