Sacred Cows not Allowed in Media Report

The holidays are light in news so I read an essay about how the media is not allowed to investigate or report the truths vital to a real functioning democracy. I lost my first draft trying to embed so I’ll skip it for now.( is the site by architects I’m referring to. Yeah, I’ve heard it all, but the attacks were real with dire consequences for the entire world and especially for Americans.

There are reasons that reporters won’t tread in certain waters as the MSM’s refusal to look realistically behind the facade put forth by the ‘official’ government report on the attacks of September 11, 2001. I had one but due to broken pipes it was ruined. No loss really as a good portion was deleted or covered up. The gist is that to keep one’s job one can’t get to the truth and they certainly won’t publish it even if they have the proof in hand.

The number one reason, given by the government, is the tired old ‘national security’ issues; after all we can’t have people rioting in NYC if they discover the ‘real’ truths surrounding those infamous attacks killing almost three thousand New Yorker's. The NY Times reporters keep their jobs if they keep mum.

There are even crowd sourced writers that won’t tread in these dangerous waters. I saw an e attack on a site’s servers that shut it down for over a week a few years ago. So no more sacred cows on that forum. It’s a good site too so I won’t name it. As a result most Americans either don’t want to know or have the time to devote for finding the dark truths of the empire we all reside in. Perhaps that’s as it should be, it’s really not up to me to say.

There have been many instances where the media turned a blind eye on the truth. Jet airliners crashing or disappearing, as the Malaysian one did a few years ago. We’ll probably never know about that one but it mainly had Chinese passengers. How about all the oil spills unreported; national security? Sure, our military runs on vast quantities of oil as does American commerce and autos. The campaigns run on the general pubic are sophisticated, cunning, relentless, ingenious, just to keep the truths under folk’s radars. Not many people have the time and curiosity such as I to want the ‘real’ truth or the ability to deal with the really ugly ones; there are plenty.

It seems only certain windows are granted for certain truths. Case in point. A few years back the NY Times held back a report on mass surveillance until after Bush II won the election. It’s told on PBS’s Frontline called the “United States of Secrets”, I believe, on pt 1. This to me is blatant censorship. What could have saved lives and influenced an election was withheld for the sake of; what? After the reelection of Bush II did the article get published and I hear ‘they’ call the Times liberal. Ha Ha Ha! Folks here don’t know what liberal is.

So to conclude, our free press has various institutions granting or denying the publication based on various demands of the national security state. They also have severe consequences for those that break what I’ll refer to as the “sacred cow” rule. These would include but not be limited to, black balling, loss of employment, smears against the integrity of the writer, shunning, etc. Whistleblowers usually get the royal shaft when their personal integrity or ethics demand that they blow the whistle on everything imaginable. I read a whole book on the dismal protections in place for the disclosure of sacred information. Snowden was wise to vacate America before his ground breaking disclosures. They say “come home and face your your day in court”, yeah and get tossed into the deepest dark black site they can find never to be heard from again, or worse.

We can do better, of course but maybe the powers-that-be are correct to withhold information. After all it’s still accessible on the net for those with the time. The last bastion of new found access may, sadly, be going the way of the hapless dinosaurs as they continue to censor and put clamps, with the help of the big tech corporations, on internet freedoms. Let’s hope it doesn’t dissolve too soon, I was just getting the hang of easy to access unlimited information. No more getting lost in library stacks only to emerge a few days later in dismay. So, for those that care the info’s there for those that don’t there’s video games and posting selfies and the MSM’s droll ‘official’ lines.

Peace, everybody, The Ol’ Hippy

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