Google, HuffPo, Greenpeace & the liberal progressive ‘Resistance’ are lying to you
Nafeez Ahmed

Thank you, Nafeez for a good look at the supposedly altruistic foundations geared toward ecological stewardship. What I’ve found when seeing what I want to send my very limited funds to are mostly management organizations. These orgs. are then used to take the land management away from indigenous peoples and actually start extracting the resources they’re supposedly trying to save. I’ll use the World Wildlife Fund(WFF) as an example. Their promotions, to garner funds, stress saving threatened animals. In actuality in several countries they are in the business of selling licenses, for exorbitant rates, to hunters that then go and kill protected animals; all in the name of funds to save the animals. I wish I had the links available but one can check into it and see what really goes on. This is just one example of many.

Next we have the Non Governmental Organizations,(NGO) that start all kinds of trouble in the name of nation building or spreading democracy. They really act as a benign sounding adjunct for government forces to install leadership that will further capitalist causes. This in essence helps to further the damage the environment we all depend on to live. Some of the NGO’s are fronts to intelligence forces acting to secure networks or actual governments for resource extraction. This also includes using people as a resource to be exploited for capitalist gains, nothing more than indentured slavery.

To conclude we have all sorts of organizations and NGO’s that garner vast sums from various foundations that, as Nafeez said, work against ecological sustainability. As far as I’m concerned any capitalist system is antithetical to long term survivability. We just can’t have continued growth in a finite system and Earth, as big as she is, on a declining slope, past several tipping points. Now, at one of the final crossroads, will we humans along with their government’s actions do what is required to survive? Tick tock….

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