We face a form of capitalism that has hardened its focus to short-term profit maximization with little or no apparent interest in social good.”
Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise
Nafeez Ahmed

This I see as the inherent problem. There has been no regard to the long term costs of this short sighted emphasis. The whole capitalist model of continual growth is a flawed system in a finite space. It just can’t continue as is. The leadership of the world’s governments won’t ever consider what’s on the very near horizon. Not only are social concerns ignored they are despised by the leadership as neo-liberal economic models have become the norm over the last 50 years or so. It’s not working. It’s entirely destructive to the whole social order of the world. Not to mention the 6th Mass Extinction Event we are currently immersed in.

I certainly don’t have a workable model to replace what’s been the business as usual functioning that’s been in place since the industrial revolution; but what we now have is going to end things rather quickly. This short sighted approach can’t continue if extinction is to be avoided. So all I see in the near future is a collapse of the entire industrial capitalist system. What comes out the other side of this is pure speculation but it will be different to the current one of the last few centuries.

I’m glad I have left no children to deal with the mess of things as they stand as darker days are on the horizon. Scientists have known this for years but to keep funded for important projects they have to keep somewhat silent on this imminent threat. That time has to end now. The UN report was basically ignored by corporate media. And the US leadership. We’re on the Titanic with no captain at all. How many survive the sinking is a roll of the dice for now.Thank you for your continuing effort. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy John Allen