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Tuesday September 11, ‘18

17 Years In Retrospect, Looking Back

Seventeen years ago today, Tuesday September 11, 2001, there were attacks on the World Trade Center’s two big towers, The Pentagon, and another plane that crashed into a field close to Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Four planes in all that changed the course of world history from then on and presumably, for many more years to come.

Sympathies for All

I want to extend my deepest sympathies to those that have lost loved ones since that fateful day. Needless to say it’s around two million and counting. We all lost something that day. I lost something too but can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is that I lost. I guess it was a false sense of saftey I came to believe in living in America. Again, it’s a vague feeling that something isn’t quite right with what we’re being told by those we were taught to trust. Now I don’t trust anything that government officials and corporate media has to say. We citizens have been lied to so often as to be numb to truths that sometimes slip in to make more sense of the goings on.

Making Sense

To make sense of what these attacks did we have to see what has transpire since then. We have seen a dramatic increase of militarized police to keep order or available to quell an outbreak of violent protests. We have, thanks to Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing, a collection of all internet activity and all digital phone calls. The material is stored in huge server farms the biggest one I know about is in Utah. The security agencies are working on algorithms to sift through an immense amount of digital information. The US is mired in endless wars in the Middle East against countries that had nothing to do with the attacks. And that’s if you buy the “official” story. I don’t, at all. The deficit or national debt has ballooned from $5.7 trillion in ’01 to over $20 trillion now. That’s an increase of about 300%, in 17 years. My math’s rusty, give me a break if that no. is wrong.

So to make sense out of this mess we’re all mired in requires a few inquiries into who’s to gain from the aftermath of the worst event on US soil in American history. [This doesn’t apply to what the colonists did to the indigenous(deaths) in manifest destiny’s march to take land expanding from coast to coast. Another story for another day.]


Some of the usual suspects include, but not limited to, the military contractors., The weapons makers made billions on producing arms and delivery systems.(planes, choppers, logistical equipment, ships, etc) The support contractors that built housing, airfields, mercenaries, etc, they all made millions. I ask what taxpayers got out of the $8 trillions worth and counting, of hard earned money. Other than the workers in those industries allied with the war effort I’d say not much. We could have good infrastructure, paid college, and universal healthcare for what was wasted bombing the ME back to the 6th century.

Perhaps the over million Muslims that live here in the US wouldn’t have to fear for their saftey as they go about their daily business. The hate of humans has no limit once riled up in a frenzy against perceived enemies. Maybe there wouldn’t be ongoing terrorist attacks in revenge for bombing weddings and other civilian activities. In other words, we stop killing them, they stop killing us.

The Other, Non Narrative View

I won’t go into much detail here other than to say the twin towers were downed by controlled demolition. Concrete and steel structures don’t collapse from fires. My research has found four concrete and steel skyscrapers that have collapsed from, supposedly, fire. Three were at the Trade Center, towers 1, 2 and 7. Also one in Iran in, I believe 2012 that their govt blamed on fire. Video pretty clearly shows that Iranian tower, 12 stories tall was demolished by charges. It killed some squatters that weren’t aware of this danger.

This leads to the towers in NY city. Clearly planes flew into those towers. Clearly they collapsed on themselves. If they toppled over sideways at 1360 feet tall they would have wiped out major parts of the city. At 416 meters that’s longer than a track surrounding high school fields stretched out. Building 7 collapsed later that day from supposedly, fires. watching videos of that collapse makes the “official” report a joke. I watched videos this morning of other demolitions and there’s no doubt #7 was a controlled demolition. Likewise the tall towers.

I don’t believe a plane hit the Pentagon at all. I think it was a missile. They won’t release video claiming national security or some shit. The available video is vague at best. If it wasn’t a missile it was a drone plane of some sort. It hit a relatively lightly occupied area of which some was ‘under construction’. Suspicious, to say the least; they’d have to kill me if I really knew what was real there.

More Questions Than Good Answers

So I’m left with many questions concerning the attacks. The phone calls from hijacked planes. Cell phones weren’t near as good then as today. The planes fly over 6 miles high most cell towers are about…well I couldn’t find out what gen cell technology was around 2001. or the distances. I don’t believe passengers on a hijacked plane could make calls. Protocols usually won’t allow passengers to jeopardize the operation of a hijacked plane. Cellphone calls would be dangerous. I think the calls were made from somewhere on the ground.

Precisely how did the passengers in the plane over PA know their plane was headed to the US Capitol? I believe the whole story of hero passengers was a fabricated fable. Sounds good to a shocked country. I watched a film showing the story from inside the cockpit. I believe it was propaganda.

A Few Words

So I’ll leave my comments there. I am about 90% certain the attacks were a false flag, inside job carried out by US and Israel intelligence agencies. The attacks paved the way for an unholy war against certain ME countries that had nothing to do with the attacks.

The Americans, along with the rest of the world are paying a high price for attacks used by the ruling classes to enrich themselves and gain total dominance on worldly affairs. We’ve been told a huge lie to justify what’s been ongoing since that depressing day, seventeen years ago on that bright Tuesday morning when the world changed forever. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy


Below are a few websites that I believe are worthy of a look. There are dozens, Some are total nonsense some are credible. These are just a few.

YouTube: A&E 911 truth; Rebecka Roth videos, some are to sell her fictionalized accounts of the attacks. Publishers don’t want to get into too much trouble with negative narrative books. A fiction is an easy way to get published. Also watch videos of demolitions, the signature is unmistakable. They all have similar looks. Especially the ones that go down in their own footprint as the towers did.

The A&E 911 truth site gives the best explanations on structural integrity. Rebecka Roth covers passenger plane and flying protocols which were conveniently ignored and air traffic controls that seemingly didn’t pertain that day. This answered many questions I had about the planes. Get involved, learn for yourself. Go forward with a clearer view of things. Peace

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