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Wednesday, Aftermath

Not That it Matters, House Turns Blue

Binge Watched Movies Instead of Getting Drunk

Well yesterday I took the day off and binge watched movies on my streaming services. “Lifeforce” on Amazon was an interesting campy surprise. An expensively produced throwback, mashup of 50’s doomsday and 70’s disaster films and a naked woman in most of her scenes; what more could any male ask for? Especially teen males. Tobe Hooper’s extravagant budget delivers if one doesn’t take it too seriously. A Henry Mancini score that surprised me. It was very good; and I thought he only did sappy rom-com scores. The other worthy of mention, was Wes Craven’s, “Deadly Blessing”; which was another I missed in the 80’s. Perhaps not his best work and Ernest Borgnine at his creepy worst. Oh well, I do like the horror genre.

The Vote

I didn’t vote. Without knowing for sure, the state of NM, where I live, will be governed by former Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham. Just in, she won!, over the idiot Steve Pearce, also a for GOP Rep for NM. Our incumbent Democrat Senator, Martin Heinrich retained his seat. Not sure about the reps yet. So much for the elections.

What’s Not Said in the News

What is most disturbing is the distinct possibility of nuclear disaster of unspeakable proportions. The present admin with Bolton and Pompeo, staunch neocons, have been destroying treaties and being belligerent as all hell against Russia. China also, but I doubt their nuclear stockpiles are near the magnitudes of Russia or the US. Sometimes I just want to scream.

The Blues

Melancholia seems to be taking root again in my psyche. I already take three different antidepressants and frying my brain with electricity is appalling at the very least. It’s been used for years on women to ‘control’ their hysteria, alas, to no avail. Not me, booze, drugs are fine; using electricity is for TV’s and toaster ovens. Of course there’s the old school way of using an ice-pick like affair for lobotomies. Scrambled eggs, fine, scrambled brains, geezzze.


I did get some new books, fiction this time and two copies of the same book due to a drunk human, glitch affect; using a PC when it’s best left turned off. Oh well, I have both a soft and hard cover version of Paul Tremblay’s, “A Head Full of Ghosts”. Also I finally got a used library copy of H.P. Lovecraft’s complete works. I found him during high school and read a bunch of his ‘interesting’ horror. Another great, recognized posthumously. I’m ready to read some fiction. Philosophy is work, fiction is fun. Time for a bit of fun.


I also hope all out there not despair too much. I have faith in the youth to turn the tide before it’s too late; but really, time’s very short for action to be effective for lasting change. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy