Why Do Our Heroes Always Let Us Down?
Caitlin Johnstone

What a concept. Become our own heroes. This would actually require some hard internal assessment and a will to break away from the ‘herd’ instinct intrinsic to the human species. Waking from the dream spun by the corporate media and govt lackeys requires some effort. And having to work your ass off to survive doesn’t give one much time for internal work. I know I didn’t want to devote my free time to this pursuit while I was working, I chose escape routes instead. Capitalism will do that to you.

This essay actually gives a few examples of ways to withdraw from the going narratives, organize small groups into small communities and how to organize to work together. Think of how much better pharmaceuticals would be if the chemists worked together instead of competing against each other in a rush for a patent with millions made by the corporate masters. The same holds true for most other competing dog-eat-dog corporate enterprises.

Start by addressing the rot(of capitalism) from the bottom up. It’s humankind’s best chance for long term survival. This essay was inspiring and offers a few ways to address change because if change doesn’t happen the entire world will change as ecosystems cascade in an ever accelerating collapse. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy