Kicking off my Adventures in Digital Nomadism.

On January 1st, in just seven short days, I’ll be giving up my apartment in Manhattan, donating/giving away most of my possessions, and boarding a one-way flight across the pond to London, England.

I’ll likely spend a month around London, then travel south toward the Mediterranean. From there, I’m planning to spend at least 330 days of 2014 outside of the US, with no more than a couple months in any given country.

There’s something about traveling or simply a change of location that has always energized me. Maybe it’s every day is a new adventure, or seeing, up close, how other people live their daily lives, the way it shapes the way they think, and how my own understanding of the world evolves as a result. …


John Allison

Software Developer, Golfer, Arkansas Razorback fan, founder of You can find me on the twitters: @jrallison

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