What do you find stimulating or inspiring in this reading assignment? Summarize the section and explain why you find it stimulating.

I truly appreciate the teacher who takes time out of her day to ensure that kids are fed and cleaned. those teachers who took their job a step beyond and adopted children have my complete respect because not all students are bad kids, some just need a support structure at home. The impact that these teachers will have on the kid’s life is significant. They are able to feel at home and comfortable in the school environment, unlike other kids who will feel less of them self’s outcast. All schools should give the students the opportunities that others have at home whether it is a nice warm breakfast meal or a basic need like clean warm cloths.

For those kids not knowing how to enjoy basic things which is something we take for granted like eating every day, sleeping a clean bed, using a toilet, or even feeling safe for the day is something troubling to visualize. It is true you cannot expect every single kid to have the same things at home. Even if you provide an equal opportunity at school you always have to look back at the fact that all kids are raised differently and you as a teacher have to find a way to bridge that gap for all your students.

Another interesting this is how much money it cost just to help those students in need. It takes over ten thousand dollars per student to help and that still is not enough. The funds we are giving are either not enough of not being used effectively. This is interesting because not many of us can make that much money in a year with a part time job and school. Even if you do not think this affects you it does. All the money being used is from tax payers. We should be assured that the money being used on helping educate the next generation is being used as effectively as possible. Why waste our money if it’s not being put to good use.

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