Not Another Rant on Education

Warning: I get a little fired up in this one.

You know… I have always believed in the thesis of education, but I believe our education system fails many people like me. Our educational institutions have a “cookie cutter” approach to teaching, and it puts super creative, out of the box thinkers like myself in a weird place.

My grades tell a teacher that I will be less successful than other students. In reality — once people like me get to the real world and realize that it’s not all black and white, school doesn’t even scratch the surface of what life and business truly encompass, and GPA doesn’t matter, there’s is nothing but upside and potential.

We live in a world today that embraces creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and people who work their ass off to chase their dreams. Don’t allow someone in a classroom, who teaches 15–20 year old business skills AND NEVER RAN A BUSINESS to tell you how the world works and what you need to do to be successful.

To anyone that thinks this is just another rant against education:

I 100% believe in the thesis of education, but our education system is built to teach people how to fit inside a set of boundaries and think a very specific way in order to go work for someone, NOT to go out and work for yourself.

I have achieved more than many people my age by figuring it out in the trenches, hustling my face off, learning from mentors who crush business, and educating myself on things I am genuinely interested in.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be successful by being great in school, getting a job in Corporate America, and climbing the ladder. All I am saying is that not everyone is wired to live and work that way, and it’s unfortunate that our education system hasn’t figured out a way to better serve and prepare students who are born to be entrepreneurs — not employees.

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