Ten Minutes at a New Year’s Eve Party, a True Story

J Ran Hill
Dec 21, 2019 · 1 min read

Every year I write a short story for the holidays and this year is no exception, please enjoy my shortest short story for the holidays, yet, a true recounting of Ten Minutes at a New Year’s Eve Party. Happy holidays!

Details are sketchy. A new year’s eve party a few years ago. I’m standing in a brightly lit kitchen, my back against the wall. Two guys are drunk-flirting demanding answers to unasked questions. They lean in until their faces are five inches away from mine.

I’m down to my last nerve, my plus-one, our first date, notices. The party has moved from buzzing to pong and smeared make-up, ahead of schedule. He suggests we leave. The guys from the wall follow us out of the kitchen calling out vulgar things. Plus-one tells them to get back in their cage, one of wall guys wants to know if Plus-one will be the man to do it. Plus-one considers his options long enough for Wall-guy’s vomit-splash to hit his shoes,” shit, I just bought these,” he says.

The smell punches through the beer and cologne, and across the years. Other Wall-guy insists someone else help his pal. Plus-one hands Vomit-guy a Coke or Pepsi and tells him to drink.” C’mon”, he says to me.

Outside, the streets are quieter than expected. Plus-one puts his arm over my shoulder.” Happy new year”, he says.

J Ran Hill

Written by

Writer, maker, runner. Digital gofer @SoseasUK. https://jranhill.com

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