• Michigan parody song “stuck in the mitten”

Well i dont feel good about the state
I got the feeling there’s so much hate
I’m so scared in case im run off the road
and i don’t know what to say to these chodes
Clowns to the south of me,
Hunters of the north, here i am
Stuck in the mitten with you
Yes i’m stuck in the mitten with you,
And im wondering bout this maze and this blue
It’s so hard to live a life at this pace
and i don’t get involved in the chase
Props to my red-a-wings, twenty five is right
Here i am, stuck in the first round with you.
Well we started out productive
now we’re proud of doing nothin with our dreams
and your friends have no damn time
to enjoy the thrills of .life, you say please...please...
Trying to make the best of it all
But i see the lack of props in y’all
Is it cool if go camp in the woods
cause i don’t know much about these hoods
Flint’s not the enemy, Snyder was the blight
Now instead of building cars
we’re eating candy bars and schemes
and your lions, they come crawlin
from the bottom it’s appauling
say please....please
Well i know, i was born here alright
I got the feeling i gotta fight
I can’t run because the love for this state
Overpowers all the false and the hate
Got so many memories, soaring to new height
Here i am, Stuck in the mitten with you,
Yes i’m stuck in the mitten with you.