Seeds to grow a life or a business from…

On Sunday April 26th, 2015 I, along with three other people were interviewed somewhere between St. Louis, MO and Manchester, NH by Joe Polish for his podcast episode “Defining Entrepreneurial Success With Joe Polish, Nick Nanton, Jeff Peoples, John Raymonds, and Iman Foroutan”. Certainly not a regular event out of the day in the life, but a small catalyst to get down to some writing here on Medium to share some references that I look back on that have either served as examples or warnings going forward.

I grew up loving photography, went to MIT and graduated as an electrical engineer (a hardware guy as I like to call it), took over a turnaround family founded rigid plastic packaging business, sold it, became a VC, and currently call my day job the feature film industry.

Success is cool but a lot of times it needs failure, be it personal or professional, to build a foundation on. Over the years I have been asked many times about how I have managed to do things such as knowing if a business being run by a hired COO is going in the right direction, how to begin again after the sale of a family business, how I managed to deal with some extremely difficult people that still somehow played important pieces of the larger puzzle, and so on.

Hopefully in the months to come you will find some references here that you might be able to take home and use in your own life. It is my intent to take my first dive into the writing pool by getting a little deeper in the answers I gave to Joe’s questions during the interview. Give a follow if this sounds interesting and looking forward to further engagement in the months ahead. If, for some reason, you are stumbling upon this for the first time far into the future of this writing date— then don’t wait — just read everything else and give me your feedback!

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