The Joys of Reading (Sometimes)

Hi! My name is Joshua Barnes, but i go by Josh. I am currently a freshman at The University of Akron. I usually tend to stray away from reading whenever i am able to. The only time i enjoy reading is when it is about or on something that piques my interests. The best reading experience i have ever had was while i was reading “The Run of His Life: The People v. O. J. Simpson”. I first got interested in the O.J. Simpson trial when FX had a special ten episode series about the trial based on the book in mention. I ended up learning a ton about the case and got to see what i could not watch live on T.V since i was not yet born during the trial. Reading matters because it is one of the most important parts to learning about anything. With reading you can read how to fix a household appliance or you can learn how to play the piano, the list is endless. So in short reading is a very essential yet boring aspect to learning.

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