Soundtrack Assignment

This is a “Sophie’s Choice” (millennials, Google it) kind of assignment. How do you pick only 3 important songs from your teen years? How do you even begin to wade through the musical memories and pick only 3? And what if those songs are embarrassing and you don’t want to publicly associate yourself with them online?

Here are your requirements for this assignment:

  1. Pick three songs that were significant to you during your teenage years. EXPLAIN WHY they were significant in one paragraph per song.
  2. EMBED YouTube videos for each song before each paragraph.
  3. LINK to at least FIVE different sites throughout your post. These can be: links to articles about the song, wikipedia entries about the artist, dictionary definitions of really fancy words you used. I just want to see that you can link to things.
  4. POST YOUR LINK in reply to this post AND, by THURSDAY you must visit at least 5 of your classmates’ posts and use the HIGHLIGHT feature to indicate lyrics they’ve posted that you love.

For at least ONE entry, pick a lyric (can be just a line) that you like, and turn it into a quote like this:

la la la, this is an amazing lyric, it is so inspirational, I am killing it at the music game, la la la la la

I never ask my students to do an assignment that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself-this is why I will never force students of mine to go without technology for more than an hour. I can’t do it. I feel itchy and panicky just thinking about it. I’m also never going to ask them to eat mushrooms because I think they’re gross and I can not do it, and I don’t care how amazing you think a Portobello is. Also-I have no idea what the pedagogical significance of asking media studies students to eat particular vegetables would be. So here is ONE example of a significant song from my life, and why, with links included and video embedded:

  1. Tom Petty, “You Don’t Know How It Feels.” When you’re a kid, you listen to what your parents listen to. I was fortunate enough to have super cool parents with great tastes in music. But there’s something special about the first song or artist that you come to like independently, and for me it’s Tom Petty with “You Don’t Know How It Feels.” I was 11, I thought I discovered this super cool new artist, and I LOVED this song. Because no one did know how it felt to be me. Can you think of a better anthem for a pre-teen girl?? He dropped some sweet wisdom like this:
People come, people go
Some grow young, some grow cold

I also didn’t know what “let me roll another joint” meant, but I found it intriguing that MTV saw fit to censor it.

Now YOU go! Once you’ve completed this assignment, publish and comment on THIS post with the link to yours!

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