Campus Life School Year vs. Summer Sessions

By Leah Sandford, Jamie Blackman, Stella Gonzalez

July 21, 2015

BOSTON — Chloe Swindler unhooks her microphone and takes off her speaker pack as she relaxes on a wooden bench while grabbing a quick bite in between tours.

Chloe laughs remembering back to the cold, miserable winter while she fans herself in the scorching heat.

The Boston winters may be awful and the T was shut down for a month. BU does its best to make commuting as easy as possible for students. The sidewalks are clear and walkable though the snow is so high you don’t know what is on the otherside.

“The BU is always good about being on time and I like to check the app before heading out into treacherous weather.”

Boston University is a long campus with a lot of ground to cover and they manage to have school run in the awful winters, while the city of Boston can’t even manage to clear their streets.

“Winter is a nightmare,” she said. “In the winter, people won’t even acknowledge your existence but in the summer, everyone is overly friendly.”

Swindler enjoys the summer not only for its weather, but also the free time to visit food festivals and concerts at Boston Commons. As opposed to the winter where the majority of the students favorite hangout spot is the common room of their dorm building, the summer allows you to explore the city from outside. Many times students take advantage of the summer weather and hang out at BU beach or throw a frisbee around at the esplanade.

“Ugh orientation,” she said. Her and her friends agreed that. “just the sight of the large groups sends shivers down their backs.”

While there are some full time Boston University students on campus, there is a range of ages on campus along with parents. BU students find all the high schoolers and parents an “inconvenience” even though everyone is doing is taking classes on campus and Commonwealth Avenue is remarkably less crowded.

Though students see a major change on campus of students and parents, staff such as Adam Znideric in the CAS writing center, doesn’t see the change between seasons.

“I see no major differences apart from commuting in the weather,” Znideric said when describing campus life and Boston in general.

As a faculty member, during the summer session versus the school year there are still students flowing in and out of the writing center. Overall there is not a major incline or decline in student life on campus from their point of view.

As the new school year approaches and summer session comes to an end, BU students look forward to having their college life back to normal without the interruption from high school students and their overprotective parents.