You’re Stuck with Me: A Shifting Triangle
Anna Graham Hunter

This story really struck me, drove me into a reluctant nostalgia. Not so much that the stories paralleled my own, but rather the tone and emotional space of them resonated with my own struggle to define myself in my youth, seeking that unique identity; and how I strove to keep it during my emerging adulthood. The relationships of those years framed so much of my perspective, even if when they weren’t particularly relevant, or so it seemed to me, to the quotidian aspects of daily life. That vision of myself lingers, even if it would be more convenient if it didn’t.

Generally, I resent the romanticism with which I look back at my earlier years even as I indulge in it. I strive to be in the moment, to engage in my life as it is, but that past sense of possibility haunts me, even though the challenges I face have shifted profoundly, and the possibilities, which are substantial, have changed as well.

In any case, that was my very personal response to the story. In the end, suffice it to say that I found it wonderfully evocative and engaging – thanks for this.

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