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Full map can be found here.

I was on Twitter this afternoon when Meteorologist James Spann replied to someone curious about where he could watch Mr. Spann’s weather bulletins when severe weather starts to happen.

This map got me thinking about how TV markets are set up.

I’ve lived in St. Louis all my life, so to me, my thinking about how TV markets were set up seem to be that TV works in like a radius of a given area where the broadcast towers are. Since most of those towers are in South St. …

For years, we’ve been teased about a new Raspberry Pi to follow up the Raspberry Pi 3B. And while we did get a small upgrade last year with the Raspberry Pi 3B+, the April Fools pranks about the how the “Raspberry Pi 4 is coming soon” sort of desensitized us much like a Half-Life fan being punked by Valve that Half-Life 3 would be coming soon. (It’s not.)

So when the actual Raspberry Pi 4B was announced, and presented on YouTube channels like Explaining Computers, I had a few thoughts about this device.

The Likes

The Pi 4B sports a USB-C port for power. While there is an uptick in current demand (being the first Pi to demand 3 amperes instead of 2.5 amperes like the 3B and 3B+), the voltage amount appears to be the same at 5V. …

Update (7/30/19): Thanks to Landers1979 on the Arch Linux ARM forum for noticing that there were a few incorrect packages listed.

Yesterday, I picked up where I left off a couple of months ago with installing Arch Linux ARM for a Raspberry Pi 3B Rev 1.2, but finished after we installed sudo. Today, I want to get a bunch of other stuff installed.

Keep in mind, in this post not everything will be configured. Our focus today is installation. These are two different things. …

Update (7/30/19): DNSSEC had been the culprit for why connecting to the Internet was so frustrating. This has been amended to this article.

Who knew that it would take at least a couple of months for me to write the followup to “Weekend with Arch Linux”.

There is sort of a joke that’s been around for a while about how installing Arch Linux is a sign of having no life. About how you “claim to install Arch Linux, but never did or just gave up on it.”

And then you realize the people who make those statements clearly didn’t try, or that the guidance to do something like this ended at the first part where it ended on how to format a microSD card. …

In our Wi-Fi world, these instructions were ridiculously hard to find, probably because a couple steps might be scary.

I spent half a day tracking these steps down, hitting dead-ends and roadblocks everywhere. I was so frustrated, I even considered purchasing a travel router. (Yes, those exists! In fact, I still probably should get one given how much time I spend at Starbucks.)

I know I promised everyone we’d get that Arch Linux ARM configuration up and running, and I promise you, that is definitely going to happen this week. …

This story will be in parts, mostly because parts of this story are not finished.

Update (6/22/19): Turns out I don’t have any 3B+s, they are 3B Rev 1.2s. This story has been updated to reflect that.

On Wednesday, my beloved Sombra (the nickname I gave my most recent Raspberry Pi 3B) had an untimely death when the micro SD card would not longer let Raspbian run.

I had a good run with Sombra. Hopefully, I will figure out how to clone the SD card image and move all the stuff that still works to a better more functioning microSD card. (It’s a good time to invest in MicroSD cards. The most recent one I picked up last month was 128GB which the prices have been slashed that I got it for $20 at Micro Center. Later this week, I might get two 64GB cards for about the same price, but big 128GB would be great to back up all the M.A.M.E. …

I have had it!

I have had it with inconsiderate, out of town, LYING people who call to tell me about a job offer that I am not qualified for and that I am pretty sure is part of a new type of telemarketing scam.

For years, we’ve been told “be nice” and “they are just trying to do their job” or “why would you turn down any job offer given to you?”.

And yeah, we should be nicer and kinder to people…but there are exceptions, which is why I am taking my time out of my busy schedule to release the new rules of which I and other should use to turn down any phone call because if you haven’t figured out why that “nice guy” on the phone calling you from “Atlanta” or “New Jersey” (companies like this CAN buy phone numbers in other parts of the country OR THE WORLD to make it seem like they in America, when they aren’t. …

If you are like me, you hate what Microsoft Solitare and Minesweeper have become over the years. Rather than simple games to pass the time or improve your critical thinking, the big M has turned these simple games into bloated and NOW ANNOYING features that integrate with your Xbox Live account (assuming you even have an Xbox to begin with).

But there is hope, casual gamer and the internet is willing to provide, provided you can put up with a little bit of online advertising that can simply be turned off with an ad-blocker although they will probably give you grief for doing so. …

As a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) advocate, rarely do I promote the use of proprietary software, especially from companies like Microsoft. However, if there are two program that Microsoft has done exceedingly well it is Microsoft Word for word processing and Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets.

Of those two products, Excel is probably the only thing worth meddling with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

And I’m sure there is someone who works for Microsoft or who has more experience using VBA for other Microsoft Office applications, but when was the last time you went to your local public library and saw a book on Word VBA near a book about Excel VBA? You probably haven’t. …

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(courtesy of Reddit)

“We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who live lives of comfort and privilege.” — Meghan McCain

America is in mourning, not just of a true patriot but of “greatness” itself.

Donald Trump, the “mogul”, the “celebrity”, the con-artist, brought forth the campaign of “Make America Great Again” in 2015, ran on that platform and with a little help of the Soviet Union, only to give “American greatness” a brain tumor.

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“The Soviet Union denies meddling in the election of our sleeper agent.” “The Soviet Union? I though you guys broke up?” “NYET! THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED YOU TO THINK! HA! HA! HA!”

As terrible as the death of John McCain was, it is the perfect metaphor of what “Make America Great Again” has done. …


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