Congratulations, America! Just About Everyone Got Hacked! (Thank a Republican for that!)

Forget about her! What about us?!

So how did this happen? Well, it turns out that the Republican National Committee (RNC) hired a marketing firm last election to collect way more information than it should have. The results netted 182,746,897 Americans, which if you didn’t have the US Census Bureau’s population clock in your bookmarks, where the population was estimated to be about 323,148,587 (on July 4, 2016), roughly calculates to about 56.6% of the American population. Or if you were the 128,838,341 people who cast their vote for either of the two leading candidates in the 2016 election, that percentage sky rockets to about 70.5%.

So why is it that the Republican Party can’t handle technology work? I mean, considering we now have a president who uses Twitter like a misguided 14 year old? Sure, Republicans can argue about Anthony Weiner and the sexting scandal he was involved with. But then again, Weiner’s junk didn’t contain the names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, list of views on political topics like abortion, gun control, and immigration, as well as personal details. Nor was it posted as a 19-field spreadsheet on a public Amazon Web Server.

So yeah, we can argue all we want about how “But Democrats did this…”, however how many times did the Democratic National Committee collect a thorough dossier of every American that would make the FBI, CIA, and NSA envious then posted it publicly online long enough for it to be copied into the Dark Web for exploit?

You are talking about undeniable evidence that information about people, many of who are not criminals who just had their Fourth Amendment rights violated thanks to the same methods used to cache people’s browsing habits online. Not one politician who had an email server. Not an egotistic President with undeniable ties to our greatest adversary. Not some website known for arranging adulterous affairs. (If anyone remembers the whole Ashley Madison incident.) And definitely, not some website known for leaking government secrets which thankfully, WikiLeaks knows better than to post this one…we hope.

So, today when Washington is trying to grill “all the kings men”, look out for the kingmakers who’s disregard for public privacy and the right to vote for whoever they want without judgement was just published your personal profile online, and still have it posted only but under greater lock and key for some hacking group to attempt to break into and exploit even further assuming that information didn’t already get posted on the Internet's underbelly.