Getting Ready for GlobalHack VI

It’s been a wild month. My phone was stolen. My ankle broken in an assault. And my wallet taken. I can’t say more than that until my lawyer says it’s OK.

That will not stop me from going to GlobalHack VI.

I’m ready. I’m eager. And I need a team.

The theme for GH6 is tackling homelessness with help from the St. Patrick Center. The best way to fix the homelessness problem is to give homeless people homes.

If you ever get the chance to watch the TV series Adam Ruins Everything, comedian and host Adam Conover presents a convincing argument for fixing the homeless problem in the third act of the episode “Adam Ruins Housing”. In this episode, Conover shows what organizations across the country have been doing to fix the homeless problem in this country. The most obvious plan was to provide housing. Not just stick them in a halfway house or run down apartment complex. But actually homes.

While organizations like Habitat for Humanity are a start, there are a few other organizations out there that can provide help and housing, especially since Habitat does have some critics about what they determine as qualifying for a home.

I think this year’s theme for homelessness probably stemmed from GlobalHack’s growth. We outgrew our venue at CIC@4240, so we’ve moved into a bigger venue this year: The Chaifetz Area on the campus of St. Louis University. An entire weekend seeing what we can do to fix a problem not just in our city but in other cities.

Even a guy like myself, who majored in computer science and who recently started working at a startup at T-REX downtown (Displays That Pay, by the way) whose been to a few previous GlobalHack events, I’ve been doing some warm up at Codecademy and using the apps created by SoloLearn to learn some new things and sharpen my current skill.

If you are new to coding, I seriously suggest going to Codecademy and SoloLearn. You are never to old or young to learn how to code and if you spend a lot of time online, coding is a must learn skill.

So come join us this weekend, and if you are reading this after GH6, hopefully this post will give you some guidance for future GlobalHack events.

I hope to use Medium as a means to talk about future projects, and hopefully I can insert code examples. If not, do check out my Codepen or Github.

Thanks for reading.

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