This is interesting, but misses another important trend — small businesses are experimenting with…
Sal Bednarz

Sal… that’s really interesting. I didn’t realize that multiple merchants were splitting space, even on a daily basis. I’l look into that. And you’re right. It’s not enough to just have a pop-up store in a space for a week or two. Healthy shopping districts must have shops that are consistent and predictable in order to draw regular customers. A few important anchor tenants could do that. I’m in Alameda, a former naval base town. When I moved in 17 years ago, Park Street was mostly old and ratty bars, some antique stores, etc. But within a few years a great bookshop and some national coffee houses moved in. They changed the vibe and (importantly) didn’t drive out the locally owned businesses. They also brought consistent foot traffic. Now the street is thriving.