Why it’s important

Life encompasses an experience in which our true reality is predicated around the ability to learn. We are born, we grow and we die. During the growth phase there are a chain of events that occur and we learn from the outcomes of these events in order to repeat them or not in the future. Assumptions are made on how certain situations will play out and then put into action. We are then faced with the harsh realization that the only way we are to truly learn and grow in life, is to fail. You will get glory and recognition for your success, but what gets you there are the failures.

On a smaller scale these failures can pertain to business as well. Facebook obviously has taken a stronghold on the social media world, for better or worse. They like to innovate and keep pushing out new and exciting products and services to keep users engaged, and stay ahead of competitors.

Facebook Home Logo

Facebook Home was created to become the background of your smart phone but ultimately failed. It really only appealed to heavy facebook users and took up a lot of space and battery on phones. People don’t want to be bombarded with that amount of content all the time, it can become mentally and emotionally draining.

Plus, Facebook hasn’t really evolved into a useful tool that people could gain benefit from having right in their face 24/7. It has become populated with ads, useless content and endless amounts of negative user rants.

The company made an assumption that due to the products popularity that its users would embrace one more integration of Facebook into their lives. Perhaps, we all would have had the engineer team done a better job of it not slowing down phones. Clearly, this won’t stop Facebook and they will continue to dominate social media because they are quite accustomed to learning from their failures.

However, I think too much integration of any technology into our lives can make us all feel more like puppets than users, which we already are.