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This right here is exactly why I hate the “what if…” game… the nonchalant arbitrariness (sure, that’s a word) of what would be changed to fit the preferred narrative is just silly, if not outright disingenuous. I get that this is done b/c Romo is just so darn likable and easy to root for, but an objective analysis of his career is actually the correct one: Romo often didn’t have much of a team around him, but many other Great QB’s — Elway comes easily to mind — did much more than Romo did, with much less. He might have been remembered on the same level as Favre (a guy just as likely to lead you to improbable victory as he was to throw the boneheaded killer INT in the waning minutes), but unlike Favre, Romo could never make it over the hump to even play in a championship game, much less win one.

Frankly, after beating DET in their playoff game (a glaring omission, sirs), saying the Cowboys could’ve been Super Bowl champs that year would’ve entailed beating the Packers in Lambeau and the Seahawks in Seattle in consecutive weeks, then beating the Patriots in the big show. The fact that they couldn’t even get past the first stage of that three stage process wasn’t all that surprising, b/c Romo isn’t, nor was he ever, that guy, and the Cowboys were good that year, but that type of playoff run was just too big of an ask for them. They were gonna win in Seattle twice in the same season? Really? The same team that barely beat the Lions in Dallas?

“If Dez catches that ball” is no more valid a query than is “if Detroit gets that PI call” the game before. “What Could Have Been” would be a great title for Romo’s inevitable autobiography, though.

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