Have Alexa read you your text messages with Pushbullet

I wrote a small app that lets me use my Amazon Echo to hear the last text message that someone sent me.

I tend to leave my phone on my table rather than in my pocket when I’m at home, so I can’t quickly read text messages when I’m sitting on my couch (or crushing it in pubg), for example.

How does it work?

First, I wrote a small script using Pushbullet’s API that runs continuously on a cloud server. Pushbullet, among other things, lets you programmatically read/send text messages through your smart phone.

This script uses Pushbullet’s API to keep track of the last text message that I received on my phone (as well as who sent it).

Next, I created an Amazon Alexa and an AWS Lambda skill that will make a call to said cloud server when I ask Alexa to read my last message.

Finally, the Alexa reads off the sender and the content of the message to me.

Source code is available on github if you want to build your own.