January 25, 2017

For the “Show and Tell” presentation I decided to pick a story that is well known across the nation. The Boston marathon bombing affected the entire world, however seldom have people put themselves in the runner and bystander’s shoes. In the piece, “Surviving the Finish Line”, I believe the New York Time’s created a good multimedia package; it holds all the elements a package should hold. For instance, it has audio, a full story text, along with visuals. In the audio it includes a graphic play by play of the events through a runners’ eye. Kristine Biagiotti and her daughter Kayla became the first ever mother-daughter wheelchair team to run the Boston marathon race. I like how throughout the story you feel as if you are at the race with Kayla and her mother cheering them on to the finish line, but as the story gets closer to the ending you realize that the bombing didn’t effect Kayla or her mother in anyway. In fact Kayla till this day believes the loud noises where all apart of the marathon race.

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