Manifesto Videos in Higher Education

Jeanine Reutemann
Jun 12, 2018 · 6 min read


1. Have Fun, Videos can be sexy

2. Why and when Video

3. Characteristics of Videos as Moving Images

4. Classroom vs. / and Video

5. Learners and Goals are situated

6. Learning Experiences as Storytelling

7. Video Production Values shape the Quality of Learning Experiences

8. Both sides of the Camera

9. Collaborative Process Design and Co-Authorship

10. Transparency of Video Production

11. Production is done … Now start over again

12. Riding on the Shoulders of Film Giants

13. Theory meets Practice

14. Worlds collide!

15. Future Knowledge Legacy

The manifesto was first published on our New Media Lab website of the Centre for Innovation, Leiden University NL. However, as our webplattform does not yet offer a discussion forum, this medium site has been created.

Jeanine Reutemann

Written by

Passionate, curious & critical Researcher, Filmmaker and Tech-Nerd. Science & Film; Mixed Reality; AI & Film;

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