This is my Life, Jessica Reyes .

Hello, my parents named me Jessica Robyn C. Reyes. My middle name, Robyn, comes from my parent’s names combined together, Roberto and Jenelyn. I am the eldest of 4. I have two sisters and one brother. I come from a big family. My dad has 7 brothers and sisters. Although my mom only has 3 other siblings, my grandma has 7 other brothers and sisters as well. My dad works for United airlines, the great advantage of this is we can travel as much as we want for a huge discount or for free. My mom works at a rehab retirement home as a part-time manager/nurse. My parents were both born in the Philippines, but met here in Chicago. In my free time, I would sometimes bake, play piano or guitar, or hang out with my family and friends.


Let it be by the Beatles is the song that holds lots of meaning and memories. Growing up with my Beatles obsessed grandma, I would hear this song almost everyday. This song was also the first song I learned on the guitar by myself.

Picture at nine:

Around 8–10 pm you would find me usually doing homework or watching anything on YouTube.


My Great Aunt Lil is one of my inspirations. She inspires me with her stories. She is the reason why I am alive today. Without her journeys, my parents would have never met. She started with nothing but a small pocket of cash and big dreams, when she finally got accepted to travel to America.
Eminem is another inspiration in my life because he came from nothing to one of the best rappers in the world. He didn’t let his unstable childhood stop him from pursuing his dreams. “Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard for it.”
Jennifer Lawrence is another addition to the inspirations of my life. Despite her fame, she is always herself. She is so weird, but she is not afraid to show it which is quite inspiring for me.


My biggest and most realistic dream of all is one day waking up by palm trees and ocean waves. I have always love the beach and palm trees. They just scream freedom for me. I would love for one day to move to a palm tree full state and hopefully move closer to the beach.


The Statue of Liberty is one of the first things that pops up into my mind when I think about America. The United States gets crazier and crazier everyday, but to many people around the world, America is viewed as freedom. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom for anyone and everyone.
Another thing that America seems to stand for is fast food restaurants. Americans and myself are obsessed with fast food restaurants everyday. It has become a habit for people to go constantly and are teenagers best bet for a job.
The last and final thing I think about when I hear the word America is, Chicago. I was born and raised in Chicago until I was 13. Chicago is my hometown forever, so no matter where I am in America I would compare it to Chicago.
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