The charm of books.

Gone are those days I can read on bus. People often throw this question to me: “Won’t you feel dizzy reading on a moving bus?” I said no, never. Reading on bus is the best thing to me.

I feel somehow discomfitting when I forget to bring a book along. An extreme insecurity will surge through me never-ending. I totally fall in love with the calmness of reading on a moving bus. It’s as if that I am not a lone soul throughout the journey of reaching my destination, but the soul of the paper characters rebirth and come to life from the cemetery of grassy books. In the company of them, I am truly amazed and enamored, willing to be trapped in the maze of the books.

In a moving bus, the crush is monstrous and suffocating. The presence of book gives me comfort. I will find a seat, plug in my earphones, extract a book from my bag and immerse myself in the wonderland.

It is strange how books can make feel totally safe and unharmed. Great to be in the world that I am carefully building.

This photo was taken two years ago when I was reading on a bus. The book which I still have clear image with is a book that I’ve read not long after I got into reading(not mistaken, it’s the second book I have read in my life, contemporary fiction). Starting from that time, I have made myself up that I must continue my life of reading, I will not let it fade away and only allow the passion to burn into a blazing fire.

Sometimes, I think I am fated to read. When I am reading, I feel like I’m still a good person with decent qualities. Feel grateful of the words and characters that give a great impact to me and improve my life.

Encountering the world full of books is almost same as falling into wonderland, shockingly surprised and unbelievable, an absolutely different experience and start from my life before everything begins. I wonder, what will I be doing now, at this moment, if I did not read? I laugh at the thought and yield no answer because not a single proper or thinkable answer comes up in my mind. I seriously cannot imagine my life without the presence of books. What’s glad and fortunate is that I read books and this is predestined.

Read, because words are beautiful.

Read, because books are the most faithful companions.