Allowing vs forcing

In sports, and in life in general, there’s a lot of talk about pushing. Push yourself to do better, to aim higher, to run faster. Push yourself to push harder.

There’s also another way. It’s about allowing the things you want to happen, instead of forcing them. I believe I picked this idea up from Byron Katie or Dr Wayne Dyer. I recommend you look them both up.

Let’s say you want to run faster. You might do hill repeats, and different kinds of speed work. That’s fine. But there’s no reason to force it. Your body already wants it, all you have to do is to allow it.

Instead of using your mind to push your body, use it to let your body go. Tell yourself “I’m light and strong, and I’m allowing myself to run faster.” Then feel yourself skipping along the road like water.

Oh, and you should still do those damned hill repeats, by the way. You’re not Jesus Christ after all.