When you’re not running

It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you’re running.

It can be less easy on your rest days. Maybe you’ll get that itch to get out there again. Maybe your inner voice will change for the worse. You might start telling yourself you’re just a fat slob and nobody loves you. That was just a random example by the way, no idea where it came from.

On days like that, go to work on changing that inner voice, if it needs changing. You might tell yourself you’re fit as a fiddle and anyone would be lucky to have you. Again, just a random example. Or you might thank yourself for letting your body rest and get ready for your next run. Remember your inner voice is yours to control. You own it. It does not own you.

Where I keep my running gear I have this affirmation taped to the wall:

Everytime I run, and everytime I rest, I’m becoming a better runner.

That is one smelly locker.

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