I have never been to TOTC … But toady this Link started to spread in my social timeline. You see people who are even involved for long time in this magic cocktai event today seems disappointed.

Don Lee wrote in a answer on this link shared on his profile „We can make any event great if we all show up and take care of each other.“

And I love this quote. And he is so right. We always have to be careful who we give our „power/vote“ to. Cocktail Events, Barshows, Competitions and Awards. Finally it is us who make this Events important.

I know, it is tricky when things grow. It is like a bar. The early regulars love it, when it is quite and not crowed. You as a business owner love on the other side to grow the business and pay some checks and a good salaries.

So, it is normal to loose regulars on the way when you groove your business. But, be careful when you think you become more important than the crowed you which featured you on the way up …

I get often today negative feedback when f.e. I critique awards lists and other funny things in our international on-trade circus. But finally it is about this: Who is behind, and what is the intention and do I really want to give my „power/vote“ to this anymore ? Are the values behind my values?

I have never been to tales. And I have no real opinion on it. It never got me „in“ from the emotional side.

But: today I have the feeling, looking at my social media feed, Tales lost credibitlity and sympathy from some „long time“ regulars…

Joerg Meyer • jrgmyr

Written by

Liquid Entrepreneurship. People pay me for mxing drinks and sometimes talk about this. I operate bars in Hamburg. My english sucks — sorry for that

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