Market Square for is Binge Drinking, Not Chess Matches
Patrick Young

Many cheers to the chairs being removed! As someone who remembers what the square looked like in the early 2000’s vs. now, I applaud the renovations. And FYI: there was no green space. It was four quadrant planters where the grass was sparse, dying or just mud. The renovations are fabulous! It’s a shame, though, that some Pittsburghers insist on sitting there day in and day out, not working, dealing drugs and spouting off every obscenity in the book. It’s pretty bad when you lock your bike up yet still fear for it’s safety. I have no tolerance for drug users, drunks, freeloaders, etc. Nothing like sitting there trying to enjoy lunch, dinner, coffee or a nice chat with a friend and you have two vagrants mouthing off back and forth. This article is basically defending them and says “we want a filthy city”. That’s what you’re saying. Downtown is being cleaned up and brightened up; and if you don’t like it, don’t go down there. Simple as that. (Actually, if all the dirty trash could just move away, please? Don’t need you/Don’t want you.)

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