Decorating Ideas for the Post-College Man

Go from sloppy to respectable in a few easy steps. Wine also helps.

Growing up does not happen overnight. Neither does sophistication. In taking your apartment game from sloppy bachelor to respectable adult, it can be hard to figure out where to start. It can be a struggle to let go of the youth in you, especially when accepting the responsibility of organizing your once messy bachelor pad.

The good news is that you don’t have to let go of that youthful exuberance all together. Keeping true to your heart can be part of the charm in turning your home from a place that resembles a frat house into a place that resembles an adult male.

The following may not win you any style awards, but whether you’re looking to impress or simply move onto the next phase of your life, these will be positive steps in welcoming your residence into adulthood.

Replacing the Posters of Sports Stars and Supermodels

Men, in their formidable high school and college years, might have been very limited in their decorating skills. Bedroom and dorm room walls were gigantic wall murals of posters, calendars and magazine cutouts of our favorite sports stars, musicians, and supermodels/actresses.

Can’t bring yourself to let go of the movie posters you’ve had for years? Then take the time to get them framed. You can even save some money and dive into a relatively easy project by constructing the frame yourself.

In putting the posters in frames, you’re now living in the best of both worlds. You can keep that Pulp Fiction poster hanging up, but now it is showcased in a classier way.

Kicking Ratty Furniture to the Curb

The couch is often the focus of the living room. Most likely a lot of your time will be spent on the couch and the fabric shredded piece of furniture you purchased at the thrift store that is now covered in beer and fast food stains no longer needs to be the centerpiece of your apartment.

A new couch might seem like a pricey investment. And if you’re willing to spend, that’s great. Sometimes throwing around a little cash can help class up the place.

The thriftiness that initially found you that ratty couch, though, can come in handy when finding furniture that reflects your new choices in style. Keep eyes and ears open. Great deals are all around, whether it be on the internet or friends and family looking to get rid of furniture at a decent cost.

Class the place up a bit

One doesn’t need to be an expert in interior design to take the steps necessary to class up the current place you reside. Remodeling and painting can help if you own your own place, but sometimes the simplest solutions that work best.

Taking the time to acquire actual dishware and glassware, not using Tupperware and the silverware you stole from the cafeteria in the student union building, is a good first step into what is now called “adulting”. Plus, having these actual items is always a plus when you have company over for dinner.

An actual liquor cabinet to hold those half-empty bottles of whiskey that currently sit on your kitchen counter will do wonders in cleaning up your place. More of a wine person? Do away with the wine-in-a-box and move on to actual wine from a bottle. (Similarly priced, in certain situations. Like Charles Shaw wine from Trader Joe’s. Great for Kalimotxo’s.) Buy a couple bottles of red, find a nice wine rack, and suddenly you’ve added a touch of class to your place with minimal effort.

The smell of roses, not locker rooms

Candles. Air Freshener. Flowers. Going the extra mile and using any of these things to sweeten the smell of your residence is a plus, especially if you have pets. Sometimes it can be hard to detect what your residence actually smells like. Think about it. When you step into a home you’ve never been to before, there’s a distinct odor to that place. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s usually something you notice off that bad.

By occasionally lighting candles or using air freshener, especially when pets are involved, the odor to your place will hopefully be a more pleasurable one. Guests will be appreciative, believe me.

These are only a few areas in which steps can be taken to improve the look and feel of your residence. We all probably know by now that so much more is needed when evolving into a responsible adult. Start with the home and there’s a good chance other aspects of your life will fall into place, hopefully leading to a better life.

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