Friday Ship #217 | August 7th, 2020

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This week we made great strides in bringing our new agile Sprint Poker experience to life.

Pictured above are the near-final designs for the new template configuration dialog, here showing how someone can set up a new Sprint Poker activity and can configure how stories will be assessed. …

A practical guide to using narrative and storyboards to design products & experiences, and organize teams around delivering value to manifest them

A Snow White Story

Over the 2011 holiday season, Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky was looking for a way to concisely capture the customer experience. He had just finished a biography on Walt Disney and how the Disney company developed the storyboard to capture the vision for their most ambitious production to-date: Snow White. Following Disney’s example, Airbnb hired former Pixar animator Nick Sung to capture the company’s primary user journey in just 15 frames as a storyboard. …

In biology there are generally two strategies for creating offspring, “r-selection” and “K-selection”. r-selection involves having as many kids as possible hoping some survive (think: baby turtles all hatching at once and scrambling to the sea). The K-selection strategy has very few offspring, but invests heavily in them (think: humans). I am the latter kind of investor. Which, many better investors than I will tell you is a bad strategy.

Since 2011, I’ve only made 3 investments: Neurio (exited this year to Generac Power Systems), Particle (now Series B and swinging for the fences), and now Civic Eagle.

My prior…

Last year, I shared my top 5 YouTube channels to watch in 2018. With the birth of our first child there were fewer moments to indulge in full-length episodes of our favorite shows on Netflix but plenty of nap times to sneak in a stream or two from YouTube.

Here are creators I think deserve greater exposure in 2019.

#1 伝統工芸 青山スクエア

伝統工芸 青山スクエア (“dentōkugei aoyama sukuea”) translating to Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square hits every possible button for me for great YouTube: it grants you access to a world beyond reach, it’s instructive and beautifully shot. …

I often work in pomodoro sprints and reward myself with a cup of tea and a YouTube video. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube in 2017 and I’d like to share my favorites with you. I think these folks represent the best of the of internet, and deserve even more exposure.

What would your list be for this year?

#1 Drugslab

Perhaps the most quintessentially and uniquely Dutch channel available on YouTube, Drugslab posts a weekly episode where 1 of its 3 hosts take a different, often illicit, drug to explore its effects. Drugslab exists to make honest and accurate information about drugs available for everybody. …


By 2020, it’s possible that 50% of worldwide knowledge workers will work remotely. As internet speeds increase and there are more powerful tools for collaboration, it’s easier for people to gain control over where they live, on what schedule they work, and who they work with. This is a massive societal shift, and one that is only beginning. It is also making an entirely new form of organization possible: the distributed company.

A Distributed Organization’s members are at least 50% remote: a Distributed Organization may have no central office at all. Our company, Parabol, meets these criteria. We’re presently 6…

All creative people are capable of making a list of ideas longer than their capacity to execute upon them. A form of organizational paralysis is caused by people working together without a process to select which ideas turn into active projects. Prioritizing the execution of ideas in such an order that they will propel a team forward more quickly than if they were executed at random is called strategy.

Strategy is about choice. It’s about making tough calls. It’s about favoring one good thing over another. The question on the table often isn’t, “do we choose between cake and a…


It hasn’t been long since we first started opening our web browsers. People born in 1994 — the year Netscape Navigator was released — are now 23 years old, and are just entering a workforce that looks, acts, and operates differently than any generation prior. The internet hasn’t finished reshaping society. Fully-remote companies are a growing reality as video conferencing becomes more reliable and collaboration software proliferates. Because remote teaming is so new, there is still a lot to figure out.

For companies, hiring great talent where they already live without the risk, expense, time, and trouble of relocation is…

Tuesday and Wednesday I, along with my Cofounder Taya, attended Slack’s first-ever Future of Work conference. Hosted at Pier 27 in San Francisco, about 1,000 people attended. It was just large enough to be awe inspiring, but just intimate enough that you started to recognize most people’s faces by lunchtime on the second day. Our company, Parabol, hosted a booth in the main pavilion. When folks would stop by, I’d ask them why they decided to came to Frontiers, and overwhelmingly the answer was some variation of, “when we found Slack it dramatically changed the way we work, now I’m…

A personal reflection

An advisor and entrepreneur friend of mine recently asserted, “starting a company is an unnatural act.” He continued, “you bring together people without preexisting relationships — they aren’t family, they aren’t friends — and ask them to work together in close proximity.” An unnatural act. That’s how the past two years have felt but I am grateful for the journey.

Today, it’s been two years since we started Parabol. When I put myself back to that time — I was at a professional crossroads. My former consultancy, Undercurrent, was bankrupted by its acquirer. It was turbulent, full of sadness but…

Jordan Husney

Parabol, Inc. | People & Products | Los Angeles, CA

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