How Responsive is Your Organization?

Announcing the February, 2015 release of the Undercurrent Responsive Pulse.

At Undercurrent, we have the honor of working with some of most impactful organizations on the planet. Yet, we found that no matter how clearly articulated the strategic thinking, our clients often struggled to take the first step into the future they hired us to address. Peter Drucker is right:

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

As investors, we are acutely aware of the organizational differences between many of our consulting clients and our smaller portfolio companies. We made it our business to study and understand which cultural traits resulted in high growth. We found friends in a network of like-minded thinkers at In 2014, we introduced a tool called the Responsive Pulse which organizations can use to measure these traits for themselves. So far, more than 275 teams have signed up to use the Pulse. To date, we’ve collected and analyzed thousands of responses.

As our theory progressed, so too has the Responsive Pulse. Yesterday we released an updated version that includes a simplified measurement framework and a beautiful new dashboard you can use to explore your organization.

With the dashboard you can easily surface insights. We’ve made it simple to select and compare a group to the entire organization. You can form a group by distance from the organizational leader, employee tenure, team, or all three at once. As you move through the data, the dashboard responds by showing you how the cohort varies from the organizational average and across the six Responsive traits.

For example, you can use this tool to find out how deeply into an organization people are motivated by organization’s Purpose; or, discover how many layers deep autonomy ends; or, gather which teams feel well connected and which are feeling like silos.

If you crave detail, within the Score Breakdown you’ll find results for each of the six Responsive traits. Under each section, you’ll find direct quotes from team members and an analysis of the areas of highest agreement and disagreement between leadership and their subordinate team members. It’s an excellent way to discover internal tensions that might be holding back an organization.

Does leadership practice transparency equally to the team?

The Responsive Pulse is free. To get started, sign up, create a new survey, and distribute the link to your organization. Let us know what you think!

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