Graphic designers vs logic: some things can’t be replaced

The article “Optical Adjustments: logic vs designers” is a well written article about some of the visual adjustments that designers must make. Something that makes this article well written is its readability. The article is split up into sections of small concise paragraphs each accompanied by a headline and graphic. The graphics give a visual of what the writer is discussing.This allows readers to skip certain parts that they may not be interested in.

This article is focused and to the point. There is no filler text, Each paragraph contains only relevant information. This avoids creating a wall of text, as well as keeping the reader interested.

This article is well-suited for its audience. It was written for designers by a designer. The article is not only visually appealing, but it also reminds designers of why they’re useful and why they can’t be replaced by computers. The article is also full of tips for designers about color and text. It is for designers but not exclusively so, its wording and concise style allow this article to be easily read by anyone that comes across it.