The Clock Is Ticking on the Post-World War II Liberal International Order
Brian E. Frydenborg

Again, the entire concept of “democratic fascism” is a non-starter — an effort to slap together two things that annihilate one another. One of the most basic defining features of fascism is that it’s violently anti-democratic, and no amount of quotes from any number of non-experts — non-expertise being the one thing all of your sources here have in common — can cobble together a “democratic fascism,” an Orwellian phrase no different than “liberal fascism.” And even some of those same sources identify Trump as protofascist, the correct appellation, rather than fascist. As much as Trump may wish he could be a dictator, he isn’t one. People are free to protest his regime, to petition their elected representatives and when the time comes, they’ll vote his party out of power, none of which can happen under fascism, which, as a first step in power, destroys all democratic institutions.

Advancing this sort of nonsense is extremely unhelpful, a direct mirror of the sort of Fox News-style counter-rationality that produced Trump in the first place.