Your points are stupid.

“And he was in Congress since 1990s. Or have you forgotten his work as a representative? You can’t say he hasn’t been in Congress for decades, because that’s a downright lie. Your differentiating between the time he was a representative, and the time he’s been a senator, which is dishonest, they are BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. He was a House rep since 1991–2007 and then a senator from then on out. That means he has been in congress for 26 years. You can’t just arbitrarily decide to ignore his time as a representative!”

As anyone who bothers reading this has already seen, I’m the one who has been trying to make those distinction and keep the record straight on Sanders’ time in office while you and Rendel before you have falsely claimed he’s been in the Senate for 25 years — the spur for my correcting the record in the first place. Rendel did it; I corrected her; you’ve done it twice and have also been corrected. Now, you suddenly become interested in getting it and try to make your complete failure to do so right up to this point into some sort of failing on my part. No sale.