Let’s look past the debunked poll and the tome that you wrote that makes you look like a nut for a…
Odette Roulette

“Let’s look past the debunked poll and the tome that you wrote that makes you look like a nut for a second.”

Because why not open with extravagant claims you’re entirely incapable of substantiating, right? But then you immediately return to one of these claims:

“The poll isn’t as reliable as the voting booth (also, it’s debunked no really it’s not a good poll), where 94% of black women voted for her.”

Fact: The poll has never been debunked. While this has become a popular Clintonite claim — which only means some prominent Clintonite programmed it into all of you — its results have, in fact, been replicated in multiple polls over months of time now. CNN/ORC, Public Policy Polling, Fox/ARR and the big Harvard/Harris poll, which is conducted every month, have polled on this question and gotten the same results. There aren’t any outliers here. Harvard/Harris hasn’t released their August poll yet but in their July one, Sanders’ numbers with the demographics I cited haven’t statistically changed.

As for the last election cycle, Clinton — as every serious observer who has dug into the numbers has already noted — had no real advantage with POC. Her advantage was simply with old people. Most old POC — and most old people of all demographics — voted for her, while younger voters of all demographics favored Sanders, usually by ridiculously lopsided margins. And, of course, none of this really matters, because it’s all data from over a year ago, sometimes over two years ago, and we have much fresher data, like the poll I cited. The claim that scientific polling isn’t reliable is science denial, no different than what one gets from the worst of the Trumpanzees.

“Her point is you are alienating men of color and all women who voted for Obama and Clinton… If you think you can do fine without these voters, okay! Continue alienating them. Let’s see how it goes.”

She didn’t have a point and I’ve not only noted that, I’ve already demonstrated it. Progressives haven’t alienated any of these people. In the July Harvard/Harris survey (the most recent, linked above), Bernie Sanders continues to be more popular with women (54%) than with men (52%) and more popular with Hispanics (63%), black folks (71%) and other racial minorities (57%) than with white folks (47%). He is, in fact, the most popular politician in the U.S. across all racial groups.

Since you keep harping on 2016, I’ll further note that Sanders is more popular among Democrats than Clinton (79% approval vs. Clinton’s 75%) and even more popular among people who voted for Clinton than is Clinton (82% of whom say they have a favorable opinion of Sanders vs. 79% of Clinton). The number of Democrats who have a “very unfavorable” opinion of Bernie Sanders is 3%. It’s basically no one — a margin-of-error tick, though another 9% chose simply “unfavorable.” For context, 2% of Democrats also said they’d “never heard of” Sanders (and only 2% of Clinton voters say they have a “very unfavorable” view of Sanders).

All this Clintonite hue and cry about how it will cost Democrats’ votes if they become more progressive and actually start representing their constituents instead of the handful of wealthy donors favored by the Clintonites is just so much impotent howling. Most of those women and POC for whom you pretend to speak don’t agree with you.