Yeah, and HRC was the 2d most popular woman in the world until her post SECSTATE book was released.

“Yeah, and HRC was the 2d most popular woman in the world until her post SECSTATE book was released.”

Clinton’s favorability ratings had been in long-term decline, starting in 2010. On the same week she announced her candidacy, it was already underwater, with more people telling pollsters they disliked than liked her. If the idea was to beat the eventually Republican candidate, backing Clinton was always completely irresponsible.

(Then we get the usual litany of it’s-everyone’s-fault-but-Clinton.)

“I used to admire Bernie Sanders, but I’ve grown to loathe him as an opportunist and a phony.”

Sanders has stood for the same issues for over 40 years; peddle that shit to the tourists.

“He DID take money from the DNC and DSCC, used the Democratic Party apparatus, and promptly reverted back to an Independent after the election.”

Of Democratic voters, 28% identify themselves as Democrats, while 20% identify themselves as independents. This tired talking-point, like most of the rest coming out of Clintonites, needs to be retired.

“I agree. Berniecrats are a cancer that must be stopped, as we’re facing a constitutional crisis of unprecedented proportions. Either get on board to fight Trump and his dictatorship or get the f*** out of the way.”

Guess I may have to post this here a few more times:

While the Clintonites are, by continuing with rants such as your own, acting as the de facto defenders of the rightist bribery-and-donor-service culture the Berniecrats oppose, the Berniecrats are the people fighting Trump. They are the Democratic party.