Democrats aren’t ‘Divided’ — They Just Want Sanders OUT
S. Novi

Democrats aren’t very divided but your “They Just Want Sanders Out” claim is comical. From this month’s big Harris/Harvard survey:

Sanders is the most popular pol in the U.S. right now.

Similarly, your notion that “Bernie Sanders was never vetted by the media” will be instantly received as the fairy-tale it is by anyone who paid any more than minimal attention to last year’s campaign. The corporate press was a virtual monolith in forthright opposition to Sanders. After initially trying to ignore him to death — the usual treatment afforded any liberal or left candidate — it switched to attack mode and anti-Sanders editorials, both those clearly labeled and those presented as “news” articles, became a daily offering. In 16 hours leading up to the ever-important Michigan primary, the Washington Post ran 16 anti-Sanders stories. After Sanders trashed Clinton in Wisconsin, Clinton launched a new campaign to present Sanders as unqualified to be president but when Sanders responded, the entire press corps went nuts (at the behest of the Clinton campaign) and presented it as if he had gone negative and said she was unqualified to be president. When they realized a positive story about Sanders’ legislative record somehow made it onto the New York Times website, Times editors took it down, rewrote it in order to turn it into an anti-Sanders hit-piece then republished it, without ever indicating they’d made any changes at all. In a great indication of how far this went, the Post ran a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism wherein Philip Bump asserted that Sanders was lying when he was forever saying the average donation to his campaign is $27. Bump crunched the numbers and discovered that the actual average contribution was — wait for it — $29.14. In June, as the campaign was winding down and Sanders took some questions in California, a New York Times reporter actually asked if Sanders was “sexist” for running against Clinton, thus perhaps getting in the way of her becoming the first woman elected president. If the primary season had run another month, they would have been accusing him of being a sexist for merely existing.

Peddle that “Sanders was never vetted” crap to the tourists. Those who were there know better.