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Good article. I’ve been writing a lot of the same stuff forever; it just never seems to get very far. Clinton is really a living embodiment of what plagues the Democratic party at present; I’ve taken to calling that species of Democrat “Clintonites. Whenever I tell people the U.S. is a liberal nation, I get incredible pushback from liberals, who apparently write about such subjects on the internet all the time without bothering to take advantage of the extraordinary amount of polling to which the public is subjected.

Liberal America is a fact that has a lot of consequences on American politics. The entire political Establishment — both parties — is way to the right of the public. The Republican party is being torn apart right now because the party and its elected officials are already way, way to the right of even their own voting base and they have the right-wing Rage Machine and this mouthy minority contingent that follows it like zombies trying to drive them even further right. The Democratic party and its officials are way to the right of their base as well but efforts to correct that problem are ridiculously presented as a mirror of what’s happening in the GOP. There’s a lot more to winning elections than just having a program people like but having that is a pretty damn good start. If, that is, you have pols who will take advantage of it.

But as you say, the Democrats have no brand. They’re not about anything. The Clintonites are like a plague that has sucked the life out of them.