I’m happy Milo is back under his rock, but in the interest of accuracy, Milo made “warm, jokey…
Jack Albrecht

“So in one sense he is a tragic figure. That being said, he is working through his trauma (to my armchair psychologist eyes) in the most horrible way”

I don’t think Milo’s antics have anything to do with him working through trauma; as those who know him have noted, his transformation into rightist super-troll, which is relatively recent, is a major 180 from who he’d been up to just a few years ago, when he was even writing things that condemned exactly the person he then suddenly became. That new persona was nothing more than a cynical money-grab and I don’t give a good goddamn about someone who hurts other people to pad his own wallet. He sacrificed any claim he may have had to any compassion many times over.