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Kudos to the inclusion of TEQUILA SUNRISE. That was a really good movie that isn’t just mostly forgotten now but was overlooked in its time as well.

What this list really reinforces, though, is how little good work Gibson has done in his long career. He’s basically done a handful of really good pictures and a whole lot of forgettable tripe made while coasting on the good will they engendered (and his keepers have come from strong creators — Donner, Miller, Towne would have made great flicks of those projects even if Gibson hadn’t been involved in them). Even if I threw in his HAMLET, I couldn’t fill a list of 10 good movies he’s made. THE PATRIOT sure as hell wouldn’t be anywhere near it, RANSOM is rubbish, BRAVEHEART, which won a pile of Oscars but is wisely excluded here, is cringe-inducing. I couldn’t even include PAYBACK in good conscience; Gibson signed on to that one then became a diva about his image and sabotaged Brian Helgeland (on Helgelenad’s first feature as a director, no less). Helgeland has forgiven him; I’m still holding a grudge (’cause I’m like that and all0.

Gibson is probably on my permanent shit-list. I don’t imagine I’ll ever be watching anything else he does. I haven’t forgotten that he can make good movies; I just don’t care to spend my money on him anymore.