Nazi is short for National Socialist: it is another sect in the godless religion of Marxism.
Al Black

“Nazi is short for National Socialist: it is another sect in the godless religion of Marxism.”

lol. No. One of the defining characteristics of fascism (of which Nazism is but a species) is violent anti-socialism. That is, in fact, what precipitates its rise. The Nazi use of “socialist” slogans and imagery was, for Hitler, entirely cynical, a way to try to attract votes on the way to power. A genuine anti-capitalist clique existed in the party, centered in the North, and took that rhetoric seriously but the history of the rise of Nazism is the history of the party successively shedding those elements while almost entirely consuming the German right. The sum total of the Third Reich’s relationship to socialism is that it banned, exiled, imprisoned and murdered all socialists.

“Hitler said ‘Socialist Germany is at war with the Capitalist West, run by plutocrats, not the people.’”

No, he didn’t, but he wasn’t shy about offering his view of socialism (a word he later regretted adopting into the party’s name, for obvious reasons). In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler explained “the problem of how the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated.” He called for “the destruction of Marxism in all its shapes and forms,” a policy he implemented when he achieved power. The only thing Hitler hated more than Jews were socialists and, since you decided to bring up the “godless” falsehood, atheists.

“Yes, he worked a dark thread of Racism into the German version of Socialism,”

The “German version of Socialism” was represented by the Social Democratic party, the Communist party and several other (but minor) parties; one of Hitler’s first actions was to destroy all of them.

“If Hitler had regarded all races as equal and had built a multi-racial Reich,”

Your complete lack of knowledge of the subject and your willingness to bloviate about it anyway becomes particularly embarrassing in sentences that begin like that. Stop writing and start reading. And I don’t mean Jonah Goldberg and the Mises Institute either.